Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Trend in Link Directories

I have noticed a new trend in link directories and that is...

Well, make a guess...

Okay let me tell you. It is adding unique, useful and optimized for search engines content. Well this is a really good trend and I appreciate it. And I believe every directory owner should go for it. Not only it will add value to their directory and bring more unique visitors but this practice will also save link directories from dieing.

The new wave of webmasters not submitting their sites to the link directories will "wave off" and people will start submitting their sites to link directories again which will save all link directories from dieing. So, its quite a bit of social work.

Another benefit of this is increase in profit. The huge amount of organic traffic that this unique content will fetch through search engines will increase your site earnings.

So, webmasters if you own a directory, start adding unique, useful and optimized articles and content to it.

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