Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reciprocal Directories are Useless

Yes they are useless. In an attempt to check them I submitted a high quality site of mine to 'so-called' high quality reciprocal link directories and the results were shocking. This site, when I submit it to free directories, at least half of them add it to their lists of sites, but when I submitted it to reciprocal directories, only around 8% of them linked back to me. "EIGHT PERCENT ONLY"!!! Do you get what I am telling. These reciprocal link directories are a waste of time. I have read about them being a waste of time but wanted to check it for myself so that I can share the results with you and also share some high-quality reciprocal link directories with you.

While submitting my site to them I noticed some other harmful things about them too. One of them was that after the link has been submitted they will display an error message that a back-link to them could not be found on your page which is a trick and I searched it on the web also and many webmasters have reported it as a "dirty trick" by reciprocal link directories. Another bad thing about them is that they link back to you with "NO PR" pages which is again an unhealthy for the SEO of your site. And backlinks with nofollow attribute from reciprocal directories are also being reported. So, always be very careful while submitting your site(s) to these directories. I will try to find some high-quality reciprocal link directories for you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

List of Free Link Directories

Following is a list of free quality link directories. Remember, my emphasis is on "quality". I have checked them myself by submitting at least one site of mine to each of them. These directories were totally free when I checked them and submitted my site, if any of these is not offering a free submission anymore please inform me through comments and I will personally check them. Please note, that all these directories are general directories.

Read the list of Quality Free General Link Directories below:

P.S. If your directory is free, high-quality and general directory and you want me to include it in the list above, post its link in the comments section and it will be added if it complies with the criteria.

Here are some more random lists: Encyclopedia of Lists

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Manual Directory Submission

While submitting my sites to different kind of directories(to analyze the results to post it here for you), I came across some sites that were offering submission of your sites to like 100 directories, 200 directories, 300 directories etc etc.

Make sure one thing never go for these auto-submission services. There is no harm in paying some one to submit your site manually to different link directories but auto site submission services is not good for your site's reputation and SEO. Before paying someone to submit your site, always make sure to confirm whether they will be submitting it manually or some bot is going to submit it. The spam detection systems that every single directory has these days would not let a bot submit your site automatically and your site will be flagged so beware of aute site submission services.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Article Directories

While submitting to hundreds of directories my sites multiple times I have noticed that link directories are becoming multi-purpose directories i.e. they are link directories and they are also upgrading themselves to the article directories also. There you can submit your websites and articles both.

Good for their SEO, finally they will have some content too. Having bundles of links with no unique and quality content is not a good SEO practice, but with these user-submitted articles they will have some content.

I will not recommend submitting articles to these link directories come article directories. There are two reasons for this.

First: As we know that content is the king, and the original content written by you is priceless and you should not give away such priceless content of yours for absolutely nothing at all.

Second: If you still want to submit articles, you should submit it to pure article directories and not to such link directories come article directories to avail SEO benefits of article submission and getting some quality backlinks.

I didn't intend to write such long post about article directories, just wanted to inform you of their existance and that our beloved link directories are quickly upgrading themselves to multi-purpose directories and allowing their users to submit links as well as articles.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dirfferent Categories of directories

I am here to update you about this blog.

I will soon be publishing list of link directories on this blog, the list will be published according to the following categories:

Blog Directories:
List of directories that have at least one category dedicated to blogs. If you have a blog and you don't submit it to blog directories then it is a sin and a big one.

Reciprocal Directories:
Directories that require a reciprocal link fron your sites before linking back to you.

List of directories by review time:
Here, directories will be listed according to the time they take to review your site.

Deep link directories:
Directories that allow you to add a deep link from your site into them. Most directories will not let you add anything other than your main URL or the home-page of your site unless you pay them a good sum of money, but there are some directories that facilitate others by letting them add a deep link for free.

Paid directories:
The title says it all.

Free directories:
The title says it all.

Do tell me if you have suggestions for any other categories and I apologize as it is taking me longer than the expected time to compose lists of directories.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Benefits of Submitting to Link Directories

Why should you submit your site to the link directories?

As I wait for the results of my web directory submissions to share them with you, why not discuss some benefits of directory submissions with you.

According to my opinion there are three major benefits of submitting sites to the link directories:

1) Unique Backlinks:

Here I am not going to brag about the importance of backlinks in SEO because you all know there is nothing more worthwhile than getting backlinks. By submitting to link directories you get a unique quality back-link. If your site is good and contains unique quality content then there is no doubt that your site will get approved in almost all the quality directories you submit to and getting approved in each directory means one more static back-link.

2) Traffic:

After all what is this whole SEO thing for?
For traffic obviously. Everything you do is for nothing but traffic. If you have written the right description for your site every now and then you get some visitors from link directories. Specially, if your site is include in quality directories like Dmoz.

3) Global Awareness:

If your site don't rank high in SERPS and people are not aware that it exist, then link directories is a great way to let them know. Link directories do manage to promote your site globally because people from around world visit link directories and if content on your site or blog is good it can manage some faithful readers and followers for your site or blog.

These are some benefits of directories that I know. If you know any, do post them in your comments.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reciprocal Directories

I will like to admit the fact that I have never before tried reciprocal directories with any of my sites(if my memory is with me). But, now I am submitting a site of mine to reciprocal directories to see how they behave so that I can share the results here with you.

Some question that I now feel like asking about these reciprocal directories are:

Are they really worth it?

Are they really beneficial for your SEO?

Is it a good SEO practice to submit to the reciprocal directories?

Will google and other good search engines consider it as a quality back link?

Is there a chance that instead of my site ranking high in SERPS, it will go down?

I hope I will be able to answer these questions once I am done with submitting my site to them and analyzing the results I achieve. Again I am telling you to wait, but can't really help it.

Testing Directories

Lately I have been busy submitting a website of mine to directories. This way I will be able to keep a track of how these directories respond to my request of inclusion. I will soon be posting the results over here for you to read. This is not the first time I am submitting to directories. I have done this before for a few sites of mine but this time it is different, because now I am doing it for the analysis sake and obviously will be sharing my analysis with the readers of my blog.