Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Article Directories

While submitting to hundreds of directories my sites multiple times I have noticed that link directories are becoming multi-purpose directories i.e. they are link directories and they are also upgrading themselves to the article directories also. There you can submit your websites and articles both.

Good for their SEO, finally they will have some content too. Having bundles of links with no unique and quality content is not a good SEO practice, but with these user-submitted articles they will have some content.

I will not recommend submitting articles to these link directories come article directories. There are two reasons for this.

First: As we know that content is the king, and the original content written by you is priceless and you should not give away such priceless content of yours for absolutely nothing at all.

Second: If you still want to submit articles, you should submit it to pure article directories and not to such link directories come article directories to avail SEO benefits of article submission and getting some quality backlinks.

I didn't intend to write such long post about article directories, just wanted to inform you of their existance and that our beloved link directories are quickly upgrading themselves to multi-purpose directories and allowing their users to submit links as well as articles.

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