Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dirfferent Categories of directories

I am here to update you about this blog.

I will soon be publishing list of link directories on this blog, the list will be published according to the following categories:

Blog Directories:
List of directories that have at least one category dedicated to blogs. If you have a blog and you don't submit it to blog directories then it is a sin and a big one.

Reciprocal Directories:
Directories that require a reciprocal link fron your sites before linking back to you.

List of directories by review time:
Here, directories will be listed according to the time they take to review your site.

Deep link directories:
Directories that allow you to add a deep link from your site into them. Most directories will not let you add anything other than your main URL or the home-page of your site unless you pay them a good sum of money, but there are some directories that facilitate others by letting them add a deep link for free.

Paid directories:
The title says it all.

Free directories:
The title says it all.

Do tell me if you have suggestions for any other categories and I apologize as it is taking me longer than the expected time to compose lists of directories.

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