Friday, April 3, 2009

Benefits of Submitting to Link Directories

Why should you submit your site to the link directories?

As I wait for the results of my web directory submissions to share them with you, why not discuss some benefits of directory submissions with you.

According to my opinion there are three major benefits of submitting sites to the link directories:

1) Unique Backlinks:

Here I am not going to brag about the importance of backlinks in SEO because you all know there is nothing more worthwhile than getting backlinks. By submitting to link directories you get a unique quality back-link. If your site is good and contains unique quality content then there is no doubt that your site will get approved in almost all the quality directories you submit to and getting approved in each directory means one more static back-link.

2) Traffic:

After all what is this whole SEO thing for?
For traffic obviously. Everything you do is for nothing but traffic. If you have written the right description for your site every now and then you get some visitors from link directories. Specially, if your site is include in quality directories like Dmoz.

3) Global Awareness:

If your site don't rank high in SERPS and people are not aware that it exist, then link directories is a great way to let them know. Link directories do manage to promote your site globally because people from around world visit link directories and if content on your site or blog is good it can manage some faithful readers and followers for your site or blog.

These are some benefits of directories that I know. If you know any, do post them in your comments.

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